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Rarely does one state feature such a stunning range of unique architecture, outdoor adventure, or varying topography as California. Known for its easy-going, laid-back energy, our team is here to keep California homeowners feeling cool, calm, and balanced in a home that can handle the ever-changing coastal, mountain, or desert weather.

Caring for a home in California requires an attuned awareness of how to handle the regional, arid climate. We pride ourselves as being your local Folsom plumbing, HVAC, and heating experts for round-the-clock care.

The key to retaining that California peace of mind is knowing who to depend upon when your home systems go awry. The ARS / Rescue Rooter team in Folsom manages a vast range of services—from fast emergency assistance to long-term home renovations. We cover a comprehensive list of plumbing, ventilation, water and sewer, AC, and heating services across the country. As HVAC and plumbing specialists, you know that you’ll be receiving the top technology and eco-conscious installations your Folsom home deserves.

Our fully certified and highly trained team prides ourselves on promptness and customer care above all else, whether you’re calling with a clogged pipe on the weekend or looking to redesign your entire HVAC system. Folsom customers can depend on us to step in when your AC breaks on a hot California day, when your furnace home can’t handle the chilly desert evenings, or even when your home air quality isn’t what it could be.

Your Local Folsom Heating and Cooling Experts

California architecture is already designed to meld with the climate and geography of your area. Modern style from the past century is the most common, ranging from stylish Craftsman homes to striking contemporary designs that incorporate expansive windows that showcase stunning views. These unique architectural features, however, require unique heating and HVAC systems. No matter your Folsom home style, ARS / Rescue Rooter is available to update or repair your system to ensure it can handle your architecture’s unique needs.

  • Battling that California summer sun? Bring in you Folsom AC repair specialists to fix, upgrade, or install a system that keeps up with the rising temperatures of even the hottest months.
  • Cooler desert breezes creeping in? California temperatures can plummet at night and in the higher elevations. Be prepared for those chilly evenings by the fire with our Folsom heating, hot water heater, and attic insulation services.
  • Need a plumbing update? California is filled with post-war-style homes that are not in need of serious updates. We’ll stop by to help with any troublesome drains, leaks, or sewer issues.
  • Time to simplify your life? Our HVAC, smart home, and attic insulation services find the most cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for making a house a home.

When California’s beaches, national parks, and iconic cities beckon you outdoors, you’ll want to return to home to cool off and wind down after a day of exploration. At the first sign of AC, heating, or plumbing complications, give your local Folsom a call for immediate advice and service.

Your Local Folsom Experts in Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC

The Golden State attracts new homeowners from all over the country, whether they long to live in a quaint mountain towns or settle down by the shore. Our trained and certified team is here to welcome new Folsom residents as well as build relationships with those who have called the area home for generations. Our Exceptional Service Guarantee aims to ensure each local customer that we are the dependable, courteous, and expert specialist you need to care for your Folsom AC, furnace, or HVAC system.

Office Location

Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing
855 National Dr., Ste 109
Sacramento, CA 95834
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Folsom Plumbing Service and Repair

Nothing is quite as pressing as a plumbing issue out of the blue. Your daily life relies on your home plumbing working without delay, so our Folsom ARS / Rescue Rooter team understands the importance of prompt and reliable service. Though we may be quick, we are also thorough. We guarantee that we will diagnose the problem the first time, working efficiency to get your home up and running again whether you’re dealing with a simple leak or need brand new pipes.

Not all plumbing issues appear the moment the issue begins. It is often long after the problem starts that the clog, leak, or breakage interferes with your daily life. Folsom homeowners can sense an issue with aging pipes if they experience the following red flags:

  • Low water pressure
  • Dark or foggy water
  • Signs of water damage throughout your home
  • Pools of water behind appliances
  • Leaking water-based appliances like dishwashers or washing machines

Our extensive Folsom plumbing repair covers both preventative maintenance and new renovations. Older California homes may experience plumbing issues over time, especially if they are located in areas prone to earthquakes and tremors. Give your local Folsom ARS location a call for assistance with:

  • General repair
  • Water filtration systems
  • Clogged pipes
  • Backflow inspections
  • Pipe replacement
  • Leak detection
  • Faucet replacement
  • Drain cleaning
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Ongoing maintenance plans
  • Washing machine hose repair or replacement

Drain and Sewer Line Service in Folsom

California has over 100,000 miles of sewage lines that manage wastewater with coordinated care. Issues with your home pipes are not always coming from within the house. In some cases, your  Folsom home may be dealing with a sewer or water line issue. Small leaks, large breakages, or massive backups can send water flowing back up your drains without notice.

Today, Folsom residents can call on ARS / Rescue Rooter specialists to diagnose sewer and drain line issues quickly and with minimal disruption. We use fiber-optic cameras to state out any issues and eliminate the need for landscape excavation.

We can also help you understand the most common Folsom sewage issues that may be interrupting your plumbing, including tree roots, grease and debris build-up, or deteriorated pipes. Our team can handle trenchless pipe repair, waterline replacement, waterline leak repair, and major sewer line repair for Folsom customers.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Folsom

Maintaining your water heater with frequent checkups is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only will an updated and flushed-out water heater save you money in the long run, but it will also protect against sudden breakdowns that are harder to fix. Rest assured that our local team in Folsom are at the ready to help with both preventative water heater care and last-day fixes.

A lack of hot water, poor water pressure, or discolored water could mean it’s time to check out your water heater. In some cases, you may need something as simple as a tank flushing or a lining and anode rod replacement. If it is time to replace your heater, our team will work side-by-side with you to ensure we’ve taken all over measures to fix your current system before investing in a new tank.

Since efficiency and eco-conscious practices are top priorities for our California customers, we ensure each hot water heater complies with the Department of Energy’s top standards. We’ll help you find the best hot water heater system for you:

  • Home size
  • Home design
  • Local climate
  • Family habits
  • Warranty options
  • Budget
  • Folsom municipal requirements

Heating and Furnace Repair for Folsom Residents

Regional California weather differs significantly, even when you travel less than 100 miles in one direction. Despite its famous warm weather, California requires a strong and dependable heating system that can handle those colder Folsom days and nights.

If you recently moved into an iconic California home built in the mid-20th century, it’s likely time to check in on the health of your furnace. We offer Folsom furnace repair and maintenance before something happens or the moment you sense a problem. Call us 24/7 for Folsom heating emergencies or to arrange a tune-up of your current system on your own time. Our experts specialize in a full range of heating system components, including:

  • Boilers
  • Radiators
  • Filters
  • High-efficiency systems
  • Ductless systems
  • And more

AC Installation in Folsom

As proud Californians, your Folsom team aims to help customers make their California home as efficient and affordable as possible without sacrificing comfort. Our new AC systems consider the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, which considers your usage and home design for optimal performance.

Additionally, we can guide you on equipping your Folsom home with a SMART system with Nest thermostats that save energy and simplify managing home temperature with a busy schedule.

Installing a new AC system is an important investment, and we want to help you take your time and make the choices right for your home and budget. When setting up a new system in Folsom, you can:

  • Enjoy a free consultation and estimation process
  • Work with a team that values timeless, safety, and respect of your home and property
  • Flexible financing options for a range of budgets
  • Discounts for military veterans and seniors
  • Limitless advice on how to manage and care for your new AC system

AC Repair and Maintenance in Folsom

We recommend checking on your AC unit long before the hot California season kicks off. In the cooler Folsom months, reach out to our specialists for a thorough review of how your system will handle the hot season ahead. Our team will help familiarize you with all the important varieties in your system that may need seasonal cleaning or occasional replacing, including:

  • AC condensers
  • AC compressors
  • Air handlers
  • AC filters
  • Evaporator coils

Folsom AC maintenance is the first step to ensuring you won’t have to face any sudden surprises in the middle of a hot day. Set up ongoing maintenance plans so you do not even need to give us a call before we set up a seasonal appointment.

Even when you check your AC system regularly, breaks do happen, and they’re never convenient. Give your local Folsom location a call 24/7 when the cool air stops flowing from your system. We have vast experience with thermostats, zoned AC systems, and specific AC part malfunctions.

Heating System Installation in Folsom

As a highly eco-conscious region, we aim to offer the most state-of-the-art and energy-efficient options for new heating system installation in Folsom. All of our systems earn the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings and are tailored to your specific California home, family size, and lifestyle. We bring regional expertise to design a heating system that considers your unique Folsom weather that is like nowhere else in the country.

With an ARS / Rescue Rooter team, you can work to design the right heating system that evenly warms your home and keeps your heating bills down. Common options include:

  • Upflow heaters
  • Horizontal flow furnaces
  • Zoned systems
  • Ductless systems
  • High-efficiency options
  • SMART thermostats and systems

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ARS Folsom Reviews

Great job, on time and very professional. I was so lucky to get Roy to fix my A/C..... he was the same tech who came out the last time, six years ago. He sure understands electronics and was able to walk me thru the problem. I will not hesitate to call them again!
Dave S., May 2020
We worked with the Beutler Salesperson on a Monday morning and the installation crew arrived that same afternoon! They worked until 10:00pm that night and were courteous, clean, and friendly. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend them for your AC and Heating needs.
Jim M., April 2020
Had a new high efficiency toilet installed and old one removed. The serviceman Horatio was prompt and courteous and kept me apprised of what he was doing and finished with a job well done. The telephone representative was also very helpful and quickly got me set up. I forget her name. She also called me prior to Horatio coming to say he was on the way. Thank you for your courteous professional service.
Thomas G., February 2020