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ARS / Rescue Rooter Macclenny, FL

Life in the Sunshine State is all about taking in the stunning weather before winding down in your cool and calming home. At ARS / Rescue Rooter, we help our local Macclenny neighbors transform their homes into respites from the Florida sun when you’d rather lounge in the AC than on the beach or by the pool.

Our team understands how to help our customers through the drenching storms of the fall, the heat of summer, and even those tricky cooler months in between. From improving indoor air quality to emergency AC repairs, the Macclenny ARS / Rescue Rooter team is standing by ready to help its local clients.

For decades, we have provided Macclenny emergency and long-term assistance to local homeowners for their plumbing, HVAC, and heating system needs. Need us in an emergency? Call our number 24/7 for everything from an overflowing drain to a flooded basement after a storm. We also understand the urgency of fixing an AC or HVAC unit in Florida the moment it shows signs of decline. Our team can quickly and professionally make same-day fixes, all of which are backed by our Exceptional Service Guarantee.

Caring for our local Macclenny community goes beyond having expertise in plumbing and home systems. Above all else, we highly value customer care, professionalism, and courtesy. We will work with your schedule to arrange an appointment, prioritize promptness and communication, and always approach work in your space with the utmost respect. Our Florida Macclenny offices offer senior and military discounts as well as transparent pricing plans so you can make an informed decision with ease.

Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Experts in Macclenny

Living in Florida’s subtropical climate has its own special perks and challenges. Your AC unit should be able to handle nearly year-round use while filtering and clearing the air for a clean, allergen-free home. Your home must also be insulated to handle the sudden drops in temperature on the occasional frigid winter.

The state itself also has nearly 20 inches more rainfall on average than the rest of the country. When your basement or sewer systems can’t handle an unexpected deluge, our Macclenny experts are there to assist with sump pumps, sewer line analysis, or clogged drains without delay. ARS / Rescue Rooter has a wide range of specialties:

  • AC not cutting it? There’s nothing more important in Florida than a strong and dependable AC system. Our Macclenny AC repair team can bring your system up to date to ensure it is running at its fullest capacity.
  • Unexpected frost? Florida frosts can come with little warning in the winter. Be sure your home heating system is ready for the chill months before it arrives.
  • Florida allergies have you sneezing? Explore innovative ideas for purifying your home’s air, especially when you spend the majority of summer months indoors. The Macclenny HVAC team has regional experience with modern Florida homes.
  • Strange sounds in the sink? Gurgling sounds from the sink could be an issue with your sewer line, not necessarily pipes inside your house. We’ll come to check it out before it becomes a bigger issue.

Whether you’re headed to the coast for a day in the sun or celebrating in one of the state’s amusement parks, there’s nothing better than returning to a cool home. ARS / Rescue Rooter also specializes in Smart home products with programmable thermostats that save you money while keeping you comfortable in Macclenny no matter the heat.

Macclenny Plumbing and HVAC Specialists of Florida

The classic Florida bungalow may be light and breezy by the beach, but it is not always equipped with the best insulation, plumbing, and HVAC systems to handle the extreme seasons. In addition to assisting with emergency home system care,  we provide Macclenny maintenance, installation, and preventative work for a large range of systems. ARS / Rescue Rooter only uses the top technology and is certified in each of our specialties. Strict hiring standards mean that you will work with a passionate team that can guide you through making the best choice for your home and family.

Office Location

Florida Home Air Conditioning
4211 Emerson Street
Jacksonville, FL 32207
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Heating and Furnace Repair for Macclenny Residents

Your Florida heating system may not be in the forefront of your mind, but when you do need to warm up your home, it’s important to have a furnace that has been checked and updated. Furnaces are complex appliances that do encounter issues every 10-20 years, especially if they’ve been sitting dormant without repair. If you’re looking for Macclenny repair, our team can provide standard checks, tuneups, filter checks, and recommendations to update your heating system.

In addition to providing all the standard or emergency heating care your home needs, we aim to empower our clients to better understand their heating systems. We will work with you side by side to ensure we understand your furnace’s included warranties, make and model, and history of maintenance so that you always receive personalized care a neighbor deserves.

AC Installation in Macclenny

It takes an experienced HVAC Florida specialist to match a home with the right AC unit. Our Macclenny team can recommend a system that is:

  • Tailored to your home design
  • Tailored to your lifestyle
  • Meets the highest SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) standards
  • Purifies your home air from dust and other allergies

Updating your Florida AC system is a major investment that can significantly alter the way you experience your home and property. We collaborate with each of our local customers to come up with an AC installation plan that is right for them and their budgets. Specialty options such as Geothermal AC systems and evaporative cooling systems provide eco-conscious options that save money both in the long-run and on your energy bill. We also look at the long-term operational costs of your system as well as important warranty details.

Meet with an ARS / Rescue Rooter specialist for a free consultation and to receive an estimate of the installation. Whenever possible, we can install your AC on the same day with our team of highly qualified experts. If it’s time to upgrade your system, call your local Macclenny office.

AC Repair and Maintenance in Macclenny

A quality AC unit goes far beyond providing simple comforts. In the Macclenny heat, your air conditioning provides a healthy and safe home. If you sense that your AC is acting strangely, we recommend giving us a call for same-day care to check out if there is a large problem to be concerned about. In many cases, the issue may simply require routine maintenance that should be performed on your unit at least once a year. Red flags about your AC to look out for include:

  • Blowing warm or room-temperature air
  • Weak airflow
  • AC is emitting an odd smell
  • Abnormally high electric bills
  • Hissing or rumbling sound
  • Dripping water or coolant

It is important to check in on your AC each season even if it is functioning properly. Our Macclenny team performs crucial AC maintenance that helps you avoid repairs or breakdowns, especially when your AC is pushed to the max. Will will check in on the cleanliness of your HVAC system, change or clean filters, and ensure your AC is working efficiently. We can even recommend more advanced filters if you’re looking to more effectively purify your home’s air and relieve Florida allergies.

Heating System Installation in Macclenny

Furnaces in older Florida homes can go overlooked before they begin to decline. We provide Macclenny heating installation that aims to:

  • Lower winter bills
  • Use less fuel
  • Run more quietly
  • Heat your home more efficiently

To do this, we analyze the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system. If it’s time for a new furnace, we aim to remove any related stress from the process. You will work one-on-one with an ARS expert to determine the right HVAC and heating plan for the size of your home, the amount of time spent in your home in the cooler months, and any Smart options that will simplify your interactions with your system. In many instances, Macclenny residents enjoy same-day installation so there’s no need to wait if the weather is already cooling off.

Macclenny Home Insulation Services

There is only so much your heating and cooling system can manage if you do not have a properly insulated attic. Designed specifically to manage the temperature and airflow throughout your home, this tricky space requires an expert eye to help you save money on your utility bills.

For example, we offer:

  • Radiant Barriers: We add a single thin layer to your roof to either reflect the sun’s heat or keep trapped warmth from leaving your home. For Macclenny residents, the first option is clearly our priority. The barrier will keep your AC system from overworking as the sun intensified.
  • Attic Ventilation: Avoid heat build-up in a more traditional way by ensuring your attic ventilation is up to standards as well. Innovative fans and vents use wind and convection to keep the air moving in your home to work with your HVAC, heating, or cooling system.
  • Attic Insulation: Though your home most likely came with some form of traditional insulation, we can make sure it was properly installed. Insulation holds the heat in the attic in the summer and cold in the attic in the winter to keep your living space comfortable.

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ARS Macclenny Reviews

Purchased my new system 3 yrs. ago, technicians did a great job. Very professional crew. They did all new duct work and insulation also. Recently I called for service, tech arrived within time frame, and was very professional and on point.
Deborah P., June 2020
Rick came on Sunday afternoon. I wanted a 3 ton 16 Seer 2 stage unit and I wanted a new box for the air handler because original was rusting in several places. He said I could have it all by Monday before the sun set. It all came true. I am very happy with my new improved air conditioner. Thank you Rick, Zack and crew for making this happen. Florida Home Air Conditioning is excellent
Carmen M., June 2020
Our tech Kasey was superb very respectful, professional, a pleasure to talk to and do business with, Kasey would be my preferred technician for any future service I may need, Kasey truly saved the day and is a hero in my book. Thank you Florida Home AC for having such a great tech.
Christopher S., June 2020