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There’s a reason why Maryland is one of the most expensive and densely popular places in the country—there are a lot of wonderful reasons to live there. Smartly placed right in the center of the Eastern Seaboard, living in Maryland means you enjoy a balance of two climates—the cool north and warm south.

While you have access to several major cities, you can also choose to live among stunning nature in the state’s two major mountain ranges. In a state packed with American history and cultural hot spots, there’s no question why this is a popular place to settle down.

At ARS / Rescue Rooter, we place the care and comfort of our Lothian customers above all else. We have decades of experience providing 24/7 care to homeowners whether you need an emergency plumbing repair, a redesigned HVAC system, or advice about your malfunctioning furnace. We consider each of our employees to be members of the local Lothian community. Each team member has been highly trained to provide exceptional service and expert advice to clients across the state.

With a range of rural, suburban, seaside, and urban neighborhoods throughout Maryland, you’re bound to find a wide range of home styles with a multitude of heating and cooling systems. Our Lothian ARS / Rescue Rooter team has vast experience in cooling, heating, and repairing homes that range from the 19th century to modern designs from just a few years ago. We work with each of our Lothian clients one-on-one to find the right solution for all of their plumbing, AC, heating, and HVAC concerns.

Your Local Lothian Heating and Cooling Experts

Living in such a varied climate as Maryland required a heating and cooling system that can switch gears at a moment’s notice. We specialize in helping Lothian residents improve and maintain their indoor air quality while achieving the balanced temperature they desire. With the use of top-quality modern technology, we creatively advise on dynamic home systems that elevate a property as well as the experience of spending time there.

  • Humid summer heatwave? Whether you live inland or by the coast, the humidity of the Chesapeake Bay requires a well-maintained AC system that can handle the spike in temperature. Speak to our technicians about how to elevate your current system with a new Lothian AC installation.
  • Frigid Maryland winter? Though winters can be relatively mild compared to its northern neighborhoods, temperatures can really plummet in the middle of winter. Check on your furnace before these cold days arrive with an ARS / Rescue Rooter furnace tuneup.
  • Suffering from allergies? A beautiful state also means a wider range of tree, grass, and pollen allergens in the air. We can clean and redesign your HVAC system to ensure you’re breathing the cleanest and most crisp air your home can offer.
  • Large storm on the way? Maryland can see some strong storms being right off the coast and faces a strong hurricane season. We are available for all plumbing and flooding emergencies the moment you need us most.

After spending a day sunning on the beach or exploring the Blue Ridge mountains, you’ll long to return to a home that protects you from the elements. Our Lothian ARS / Rescue Rooter team is ready to get to know your unique plumbing, heating, and AC needs to better serve you throughout the year.

Your Local Lothian Experts in Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC

Maryland architecture celebrates a wide range of styles, especially in a state with such distinct regions throughout the seaside, large cities, and mountain villages. Finding the right AC, heating, or plumbing system comes down to understanding the different options available in your region, municipal codes, and cost and energy-saving options. Our Lothian team aims to take the guesswork out of choosing the best systems for your Maryland home by lending decades of certified regional experience in each of our areas of expertise.

Office Location

ARS/Rescue Rooter Laurel
9010 Maier Road, Suite 105
Laurel, MD 20723
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Lothian Plumbing Service and Repair

Your plumbing is the backbone of your home systems. We are available 24/7, 365-days a year whenever you need plumbing repair in Lothian. We address issues large and small, from simple clogs to installing pipes for a new home addition. Our team also specializes in addressing water-based appliances that begin to show wear and tear over the years. A list of plumbing expertise includes:

  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Washing machine hose repair or replacement
  • Sump pump repair or replacement
  • Leaking or dripping faucets
  • Clogged drains
  • Water filtration system installation
  • Backflow issues and inspections
  • Pipe replacement
  • Faucet replacement
  • Ongoing maintenance plans

Whether you have a leaking pipe or significant plumbing from a recent Maryland rainstorm, our Lothian team can repair your home without delay. We aim to go above and beyond traditional expectations, providing prompt and communicated service from start to finish.

Drain and Sewer Line Service in Lothian

A clogged or overflowing drain can stand in the way of a busy schedule. We understand that you don’t have time to wait around all day for the plumber. When you experience drainage issues, our 24-hour services help you arrange the best time for our team to meet you at your home and remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

Despite our speed, we ensure that our services are thorough and precise every time. We can help you diagnose the underlying issue behind each clog, especially if we suspect that there is an issue with a pipe outside your home.

Sewer line issues are quite common in older homes or properties with an abundance of trees. Tree roots can interfere with the structure of your sewer lines, leading to cracks or blockages in the process. Other common issues include blockages caused by grease and hygiene products or deteriorating pipes.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Lothian

You should never have to worry whether your shower is going to become ice cold without a moment’s notice. Sudden drops in water temperature and pressure could be a sign that your water heater needs a tune-up, or in some cases, needs to be replaced altogether. We offer Lothian water heater repair and installation as well as emergency assistance when you’re suddenly left without hot water. We can flush your system, replace faulty parts, fix leaks, or simply diagnose why you’re experiencing ongoing issues.

If it’s time to switch to a new hot water heater system, collaborate with your Lothian water heater experts to find the system that best serves your family and home design. Not only can we choose a water heater that will consistently supply a stream of dependable hot water, but we can also discuss systems that cut utility bills, require minimal maintenance, and offer extensive warranties.

Heating and Furnace Repair for Lothian Residents

Never worry about your furnace before heading into a cold Maryland winter. Just as we do with AC and plumbing systems, we always recommend clients check in on their furnace and home heating system before the cold weather rolls around. If you do find yourself with a misbehaving furnace in the dead of winter, our Lothian furnace repair team will be there as soon as possible. We can use advanced techniques and technology to quickly diagnose the issue and get to work.

At Lothian ARS / Rescue Rooter, we also pride ourselves on our strict hiring standards. Each of our workers goes through an extensive training and vetting process and believe in the level of customer care celebrated by our company throughout the country. We aim to grow long-term, successful relationships with our Lothian clients to act as go-to experts for each of their most important home systems.

AC Installation in Lothian

Curious about how a new AC system could improve your indoor space? Think outside the standard window or portable AC unit with our most popular options:

  • Evaporative coolers: Also known as swamp coolers, these provide natural cooling options for less-humid regions.
  • Geothermal HVAC: Harness the power of the earth’s temperature to control your system.
  • Ductless Mini-Split: If you’re renovating an older home, this provides extended central AC for areas of the house without ductwork.

Above all, we aim to choose the AC for your Lothian home that best fits your lifestyle, home design, and desired long-term costs. We offer a free consultation and estimate process so you can choose the right option for your home plans. The best AC system for your space should:

  • Run quietly
  • Purify your air
  • Cool the home down evenly
  • Save money on bills and upkeep

AC Repair and Maintenance in Lothian

Air conditioners and HVAC systems are the gateways to achieving great air quality inside your home. In between seasons, it is important to perform simple, routine maintenance on your AC to ensure that it is properly cooling down your home and purifying the air you breathe every day. Our Lothian team offers regular plans to check in on your system, help you get to know your unique model, and replace any parts before they break down in the middle of a heatwave.

You can request our Lothian team for same-day and emergency service the moment you sense something is wrong with your HVAC or AC system. For example, let’s say your AC suddenly starts making a hissing or clanging sound or the air is simply not coming out as cool as it was before. Higher electricity bills are also a standard red flag that something is wrong with your system. No matter the concern, we can come out at a moment’s notice or work around your schedule to cool down your home as soon as possible.

Heating System Installation in Lothian

Every 10-15 years, we recommend checking your furnace to see if it’s time to replace your system or update one of its many crucial parts. The Lothian heating installation team is ready to help you determine the best options for your upgraded system, especially if the size or needs of your home have changed the last time a heating system or furnace was installed.

After working with thousands of Maryland homeowners, you can rest assured that we bring the necessary level of familiarity to your unique region and home heating needs. Your comfort specialist will consider your:

  • Heating habits
  • Family size
  • Home design
  • Home age
  • Furnace warranty
  • Municipal codes
  • Energy usage
  • Long-term costs and utility bills

24/7 Plumbing
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ARS Lothian Reviews

When there are problems with the HVAC system they installed, they are responsive to my calls for service. Technician Maurice Liggins was very thorough with his search for constant freon leaks. He discovered possible leak locations that previous techs overlooked.
Glenda C., June 2020
Dennis Shifflet and Mr. Don displayed professionalism and a wealth of knowledge on the installation of my water heater systems. I found them to be extremely impressive and down to earth. We connect through conversation on family, pets and politics. Finally, I love my new system and it is working perfectly. Thank you.
Purpie R., February 2020
I was fortunate to have Dennis S. and Don install a water heater this morning. They were punctual, orderly, respectful, fully engaging from start to finish. They carefully and patiently explained what they had done and how to care for the new unit. I hope I have them again for services needed in the future. Happy Holidays to Dennis, Don & ARS!
Linda J., January 2020