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ARS / Rescue Rooter Camden, NJ

New Jersey homeowners know a thing or two about the unique challenges of caring for a home on the Eastern Seaboard. From the sunny shore towns to the rolling Appalachians, Jersey homes must be equipped to handle snowy winters, humid summers, and that occasional late-season thunderstorm that rolls across the state. The area’s ever-changing weather is one of the many things that make New Jersey the Garden State, but managing plumbing, heating, and cooling issues can be far from easy.

Fortunately, Camden residents can count on ARS / Rescue Rooter for any of their plumbing and air conditioning needs, from fixing a clogged drain to installing an updated HVAC system. Our local team of experts can lend an expert eye and a neighborly hand to Camden homeowners.

Our extensive list of plumbing, HVAC, and heating services are managed by a trusted team of certified technicians in Camden and throughout New Jersey. Emergency AC, heating, and plumbing repairs protect homeowners when unexpected malfunctions happen and our ongoing services prevent these sudden breakdowns from occurring in the future.

We also specialize in home air-quality control, smart home installation, and attic insulation design. Additionally, our Exceptional Service Guarantee promises we will always go above and beyond your expectations in quality and customer care.

Expert Specialists in Camden Heating and Cooling

Your home provides a haven from the peak of hot Jersey summers and the snowiest January day. You should be able to depend on your heating, AC, HVAC systems to see you through the toughest of seasons. When one of these systems suddenly falters, ARS Rescue Rooter provides 24/7 care for Camden customers without delay.


  • Need to cool off? Contact our cooling specialists to repair a malfunctioning AC, install a new system, or provide seasonal maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Staying warm in the winter? We cover all Camden heating and furnace-related services to keep your home safe and warm. Avoid frozen pipes, take advantage of money-saving maintenance, or update your boiler or furnace.
  • Experiencing NJ allergies? Speak to our team about improving the air quality in your Camden throughout an updated HVAC system.
  • Burst pipe or flooded basement? Call our 24/7 emergency service or set up a time to meet with our plumbing team for preventive plumbing care.
  • Time to upgrade? Our HVAC, smart home, and attic insulation services find the most cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for making a house a home.

New Jersey’s home design varies as widely as its seasons. Everything from the row homes in the bustling cities to the sprawling suburban properties out west deserves the HVAC, heating, cooling, and plumbing expertise the region demands. Whether you hail from north, south, or the ever-elusive central Jersey, our Camden experts are ready to help.

Your Local Camden Experts in Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC

Caring for your New Jersey home requires local expertise and knowledge of today’s top plumbing and HVAC technologies. At the Camden A.J. Perry, ARS / Rescue Rooter specialists aim to serve the local community with precision, urgency, and above all, care. We offer Camden emergency plumbing, emergency HVAC, and a full range of repair and installation work that fits with your schedule and your busy lifestyle.

Office Location

A.J. Perri
1162 Pine Brook Road
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
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Camden Plumbing Service and Repair

Plumbing issues may never occur at a convenient time, but you can depend on the convenience of your local Camden plumbing service and repair team to care for you 24/7. We are dedicated to putting our customers at ease—whether you need a drain unclogged in a hurry or would like to revamp your home plumbing system.

Pipes naturally age with time, even if you live in a modern home. Red flags like low water pressure, water stains in the ceiling, or sudden damage to your water-based appliances can be signs that it’s time for a check-up. New Jersey specifically can see a wide range of specific plumbing issues, especially during sudden summer or winter storms that can flood basements or overwork our pipes.

When your plumbing issue goes beyond a simple clogged toilet, we always recommend inviting an expert eye to determine the root of the issue. Our Camden plumbing services include:

  • Pipe replacement
  • Frozen pipe repair
  • Leak detection
  • Faucet replacement
  • Drain cleaning
  • General repair
  • Clogged pipes
  • Washing machine hose repair or replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Ongoing maintenance plans

Drain and Sewer Line Service in Camden

When water suddenly backs up into your tub, toilet, or sink, the issue may go beyond your home’s pipes. A large percentage of New Jersey residents live in homes linked to a sewer line, and issues can occur without warning on occasion. Luckily, our team uses quick and modern methods for determining a backed up water or sewer line with minimal interruption to your home.

With the use of a fiber-optic camera, we can forgo the old-fashioned excavation process to find the exact location of the clog as well as the general condition of your pipes. This approach allows us to diagnose common issues such as blockage from grease, personal products, tree roots, or a sewage line collapse.

If you suddenly hear a gurgling sound coming from your pipes, reach out for an online video consultation before mapping out a plan to resolve the issue fast. Based on our findings, our Camden drain and sewer line service team can offer modern services such as:

  • Trenchless pipe repair
  • Waterline repair and replacement
  • Waterline leak repairs
  • Sewer line repair

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Camden

There’s nothing more frustrating than a cold shower that just won’t warm up. Ongoing issues with your water heater—such as cold water or darkly colored water—are signs to request preventative water heater care. Our Camden water heater repair and replacement team offers care 24/7 care when you’re concerned about your system or it suddenly breaks down.

Our team at ARS / Rescue Rooter can help with a comprehensive list of water heater issues and installing state-of-the-art designs. For example, speak to us about:

  • Flushing out your tank
  • Anode rod replacement
  • Water heater lining replacement
  • Gas and electric heater maintenance
  • Tankless water heaters

We also work side-by-side with each customer to choose the right water heater system for their distinct New Jersey home. Our systems comply with the Department of Energy’s standards to ensure both safety and efficiency. Our design process considers the size of your home and family, long-term budget, warranty options, and all local municipal codes and requirements for safe and speedy installation.

Heating and Furnace Repair for Camden Residents

With such a wide variety of homes and architecture throughout New Jersey, residents often find that their heating system could function better by eliminating hot and cold spots, lowering notoriously high bills, or battling long winters.

A faulty or malfunctioning furnace requires immediate attention, and your Camden heating repair specialist is here to help. Not only does your heating system keep you warm and comfortable in the colder months, but it also provides an environment where the rest of your home’s systems can function at its highest capacity. Without proper attention, small furnace issues can lead to frozen pipes, low fuel efficiency, or poor indoor air quality.

No matter the urgency of the problem, our team understands the local Jersey climate and the utmost importance of quick and high-quality work. In a heating emergency, even if you require minimal maintenance, call our team 24-hours a day to determine the cause and the best way to get your home warm and safe in no time. Our Exceptional Service Guarantee backs up all our heating and furnace repair to provide peace of mind when you need it most.

AC Installation in Camden

When a New Jersey heat wave arrives without warning, call our team for a free consultation and, in some cases, same-day installation of a new AC system. The ideal HVAC for your home should keep your bills low and your family feeling comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets. By determining your current air conditioner’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, we can design and install the HVAC system tailored for your Camden home.

Above all, providing personalized customer service is the ultimate goal when advising our neighborhood clients. Not only do we want to keep your home feeling comfortable, but we also aim to help clients understand their unique system and how to keep it running smoothly year-round. Our Camden AC installation and maintenance program features:

  • Guidance from qualified technicians that help you understand your system
  • High professional and sanitary standards when visiting your home
  • Discounts for military members and seniors
  • Financing options for easing the large investment

Our team also encourages checking in on your system before the season kicks off or as you transition to the fall. AC maintenance in Camden may include:

  • Filter replacement
  • AC tune-ups
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance plans

AC Repair and Maintenance in Camden

Hot Jersey days can sneak up on you as early as May and can extend into late September. The last thing you want is to flip on that AC at the start or end of the season to be met with warm air when the weather outside is sweltering. We are available 24/7 to offer seasonal tune-ups, fix a sudden malfunction, or update your system for better efficiency. Our Camden AC repair team specializes in:

  • AC condensers
  • AC compressors
  • AC filters
  • Air handlers
  • Evaporator coils
  • Ductless and mini-split systems
  • Swamp/evaporative coolers
  • Zoned systems
  • Smart home options

We also have decades of expertise in high-efficiency systems and SMART technology. We always recommend getting to know your system so we can set you on the right track the moment we arrive. Contact your Camden AC repair expert for professional and thorough service.

Heating System Installation in Camden

Every 10-20 years, the time comes to re-evaluate if your heating system is still up to par with the needs of your home. Tired systems can lead to higher bills, frequent malfunctions, or loud blowers could be a sign that it’s time for a new furnace that keeps your home safe and warm.

Heating installation in Camden is a highly collaborative process. Our team begins by determining that simple furnace repair or maintenance is no longer your most cost-effective option before moving forward with a new installation. If this is the best way forward, your new ARS / Rescue Rooter heating system will provide balanced, quiet, and efficient heating throughout your unique home.

By taking a highly personalized approach to each design and installation, you can rest assured that your new furnace and heating system:

  • Meet the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings
  • Is unique to your home heating habits, size of your home, and year-round Camden weather.
  • Fit a wide range of budgets and preferences
  • Can be installed same-day if you choose

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ARS Camden Reviews

I’ve used ARS twice now for maintenance and both times they’ve been amazing. Scheduling was easy and I even got a same day appointment today. Techs were friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable. They diagnosed issues and didn’t push a sale for more work, but shared all the issues so I could plan for future problems, should they arise.
Nicholas M., June 2020
ARS Rescue Rooter plumbers have consistently done a great job. They've cleared a jammed Garbage disposal, unclogged some drains, installed faucets and provided a drain maintenance cleaner that keeps them smelling great! The guys come to work as a team. They are personable and polite. I never feel ripped off when they leave. I recommend this company.
Joelle G., March 2020
Really good experience! They were really prompt about fixing my clog. Jovan was very friendly and worked hard to make sure I got the best rate! I highly recommend them.
Yasmin M., April 2020