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As the country music capital of the world and home to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee does not lack beauty or excitement. The state’s great cities and expansive countryside alike draw residents from around the country to settle down in this hospitable state, whether they come for the food, for the tunes, or the welcoming and warm culture.

Upon arrival, new homeowners must reckon with the state’s unmatched heat and humidity. Unlike many other states in the south, Tennessee’s varying elevations also means that each town boasts its unique climate. As local Nolensville experts ourselves, we at ARS / Rescue Rooter aim to customize all our plumbing, heating, and cooling services to your specific Tennessee home.

As the leading provider of AC, HVAC, plumbing, and heating services in Nolensville, we pride ourselves on our well-known standards of customer care. Each of our team members is highly vetted and trained to collaborate with our clients as if they were our own neighbors.

Our services range from installing innovative and energy-efficient HVAC systems to fixing that replacing that leaky pipe that won’t stop giving you trouble. We’re here for the home renovations and the last-minute simple fixes. Above all, we aim to put you at ease by respecting your home, time, and budget from start to finish.

Residents of the Volunteer State face a few larger challenges than the rest of the country, even during fall and spring. Since these seasons extend longer than other regions, allergy sufferers may have a harder time than other states. We help Nolensville residents upgrade their HVAC system, whether they have a modern home or a classic Victorian. Innovative varieties of air filters can transform the way you breathe and rejuvenate inside your home, creating a haven from the outdoors no matter the season.

Your Local Nolensville Heating and Cooling Experts

Whether you’re perfecting your Tennessee barbecue recipe or working on a new country song, your home should be a place to escape from the warm weather of the south. Our Nolensville ARS / Rescue Rooter specialists work side-by-side with customers to understand their home systems and make customized improvements with speed and care.

Air and water purification systems promote a healthy home which updated plumbing helps you avoid any damage from Tennessee storms. We offer particular care for families who have just experienced home damage from a tornado, a common issue that wreaks havoc on Tennessee homes. Explore all the ways our Nolensville plumbing and HVAC team can maintain your home haven.

  • AC making strange noises? If something seems off with your AC or HVAC system, it probably is. We can attend to quick fixes in little time to save you money and energy on larger breaks in the future.
  • Storm season on the horizon? Though Tennessee tornadoes can appear at any time of the year, the spring is the most dangerous season. We can provide preventive updates to your system to ensure you’re ready for the storm.
  • Battling local allergies? Nolensville suffer from particularly difficult allergies in both the spring and fall. Collaborative with our HVAC specialists to find ways to filter out harmful allergens to protect your health.
  • Are your showers suddenly cold? Hot water heaters can break down without notice, but we can get them up and running in no time, typically on the same day.

In addition to our repair and preventative maintenance plans, our ARS / Rescue Rooter Nolensville team can streamline the installation process when you need a brand-new system. We offer financing options, discounts, and a transparent timeline so you can get back to living without interruption.

Your Local Nolensville HVAC, Heating, and Cooling Team

Though you’ll commonly find a wide range of classic American home styles in Nolensville, they all stem from a variety of eras. We are here to make sure your Tennessee home systems are brought up to date and running correctly before they show signs of disrepair. By providing tips on how to understand your system and smart home options, you can make upgrades right for your budget, home design, and lifestyle. Throughout each of the services listed below, we provide free consultations and estimates tailored to your unique needs.

Office Location

ARS/Rescue Rooter of Nashville
4071 Powell Avenue
Nashville, TN 37204
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Nolensville Plumbing Service and Repair

A leaking pipe or clogged drain never happens when it’s convenient. Plumbing issues can stop your family’s busy schedule in its tracks. At Nolensville ARS / Rescue Rooter, we provide quick and accurate plumbing repairs while offering transparent, upfront estimates. We aim to take the worry out of your plumbing problems by working around your schedule and providing 24/7 emergency care.

Similar to our heating and HVAC services, you can also arrange ongoing plumbing maintenance for your home plumbing system. Older homes with outdated pipes are more likely to encounter issues with breaks, leaks, and even backflow, and we can catch these problems long before they require costly repairs.

Reach out today whether you need assistance with a water-based appliance such as your dishwasher or trash compactor or if you simply need a tricky drain unclogged in a hurry.

Drain and Sewer Line Service in Nolensville

Not all plumbing problems come from within your home. If you’ve experienced frequent clogged drains or backups, you may have an issue with your sewer or drain lines. Luckily, your local Nolensville team can determine the issue of your drain or sewer line without disrupting your beautiful lawn.

With the use of a sewer inspection camera, we can determine if your sewer lines have been:

  • Clogged by grease, dirt, or debris
  • Broken or disrupted by tree roots in the yard
  • Broken down over time
  • Collapsed due to major weather events

No matter the cause of your sewer or drain line blockage, we can offer trenchless pipe repair, another system that improves upon the disruptive measures of the past. Call our Nolensville sewer line team today if you suspect a blockage or a leak in your line.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Nolensville

It’s easy to forget about your water heater until you’re dealing with cold showers. Sometimes, a long line of family members waiting for the shower is not the reason you’re running out of hot water. Your water heater should be able to handle your lifestyle and home design.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure or frequent water disruptions, we can provide water heater repair and replacement throughout Nolensville. In many cases you may simply need to:

  • Flush out your system for sediment
  • Replace your water heater lining
  • Check your pressure relief valve
  • Replace your anode rod
  • Check for rust or corrosion around the tank

In some cases, it is more cost-effective to simply replace your hot water heater. Luckily, modern solutions can help you save money on water usage and better serve your home without costly repairs.

Heating and Furnace Repair for Nolensville Residents

Even though Nolensville are mild, temperatures often drop into the 40s, meaning that your furnace plays just as large a role in your home’s comfort as your AC system. You may sense issues with your heating system if you detect any of the following:

  • Abnormally loud noises from your furnace, boiler, or radiators
  • Higher oil or gas bills than last season
  • Cold spots or drafts in your home
  • Thermostat inconsistencies

After sitting dormant throughout the hot season, it is not uncommon to discover some issues when you turn on your heat for the first time at the end of fall. This is why our Nolensville furnace repair team offers annual heating system maintenance to check all your furnace and system components to keep you safe and warm before the colder season begins.

AC Installation in Nolensville

Even with the high summer temperature in Nolensville, you should never have to dread the summer if you have the right AC system. At ARS / Rescue Rooter, our team will take the time to both explain your many options and how an AC system can best serve your family and your lifestyle.

For example, when deciding on the best Nolensville AC installation, we will cover:

  • The different types of AC systems and how they may serve your home
  • Filter options for your AC and HVAC that cut down on common allergens
  • How to cut operating costs by choosing a system with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Financing plans, available discounts, and systems and different price points

AC Repair and Maintenance in Nolensville

Just because you live in the south doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through the heat. When your AC struggles to cool off your home, our Nolensville AC repair experts can pinpoint the exact cause of the issue in minimal time. We analyze each part of your AC and only replace what is necessary to keep your repair and operational costs low. 

Give us a call if you sense any of the following red flags:

  • Elevated utility bills
  • Dripping water from your system
  • Loud or hissing sounds
  • Strange odors
  • Increased allergies
  • Signs of rust or corrosion

Our team can also provide ongoing AC maintenance in Nolensville homes, providing peace of mind throughout the hottest seasons that you will never be left without a cool home. Reach out to our Nolensville team 24/7 to speak with someone about seasonal maintenance before spring arrives. 

Heating System Installation in Nolensville

The right heating system for your Nolensville home should be efficient and consistent. If you frequently find yourself fighting against cold spots in your home or pouring money into frequent repairs, it may be time to discuss a new furnace or heating system design.

Our ARS / Rescue Rooter team in Nolensville can help you choose the right heating system for your:

  • Home design
  • Family lifestyle
  • Budgetary preferences
  • Current system

We use the popular Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings to determine the energy efficiency of each heating system. This way, you can ensure you’re choosing a system that puts out the maximum output for the amount of energy used.

Contact one of our heating specialists for Nolensville today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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ARS Nolensville Reviews

Anthony, Alex, and Nathan did work for us, clearing roots and repairing a broken drain water pipe. They worked very hard and kept us informed about the issue every step of the way. They answered all of our questions and gave sound advice and recommendations about the best way to proceed. My husband and I were very impressed with all three men and will use them again if need be.
Therese F., June 2020
Laura B was great! Her customer service was amazing, she educated myself and my husband on the HVAC systems as well as ARS and the services they provide. Although we were unable to purchase that day we will definitely purchase from ARS due in part to the interaction that we had with Laura.
Shemika P., July 2019
Craig W. did a seasonal heating unit service check on our HVAC system and was very helpful with some adjustments to the duct work that has helped balancing the heat in our house. Craig was very courteous and professional while on this service call.We would like to have Craig do our service again.
David G. Sr, July 2019