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ARS / Rescue Rooter Falls Church, VA

Virginia residents have their pick of quaint towns, bustling cities, and beachside villages when choosing a place to settle down. Though the state is primarily known for the busy area surrounding D.C., this wide coastal area offers a vast variety of geography and lifestyles to choose from. With just a few hour’s drive, you can find yourself lounging on Virginia Beach or exploring the Appalachian Trail.

Sitting just on the cusp of the southern states, residents that enjoy the heat will love the year-round sun and relatively mild winters compared to its northern neighbors. Still, this wet and humid weather can be tricky when managing both your home’s temperature, humidity level, and air quality. In Falls Church, ARS / Rescue Rooter is here to keep every Virginia home strong and safe from the hot summers to the cool and calm winters.

At ARS / Rescue Rooter in Falls Church, we pride ourselves on both our extensive expertise and focus on customer care. We understand that it is never easy to let someone into your home, especially if you’ve spent time waiting around for the plumber or electrician in the past. When you schedule your appointment, we will work with your busy schedule, stay in constant communication, and greatly respect your space as we work.

Since we offer a wide range of services—such as for your plumbing, heating, cooling, and insulation—we are familiar with how your home systems work together to create a healthy home.

When you work with your local Falls Church ARS / Rescue Rooter team, you build a connection with experts familiar with the area and its weather. Before the hot summers, give us a call for an AC tuneup. Before hurricane season, reach out for advice about keeping your plumbing, drain line, and sump pump running properly.

In addition to offering extensive repairs and installation services, we insist on arranging frequent maintenance services to catch issues before they arrive—saving you time and money for years to come. Whether you need a drain unclogged or are looking to upgrade your attic insulation, our team is here with locally specific advice on keeping your Virginia home safe.

Your Local Falls Church Heating and Cooling Experts

At the heart of the Eastern Seaboard, it’s important to maintain a home that is both efficient and consistent with handling the humidity and summer heat. With an abundance of older homes throughout the state, finding the right modern AC, HVAC, or heating system in Falls Church can seem complicated. Luckily, we’re here to present all your possible options for a range of budgets, lifestyles, and home styles. When you work with Falls Church ARS / Rescue Rooter specialists, you receive more than the expected level of service no matter the size of the project.

  • Upgrading an older home? Smart home features are an excellent want to manage your home security, safety, and even the health of your plumbing. Speak with a smart home expert in Falls Church about your options.
  • Heading into storm season? When you’re concerned about flooding from storms or surges, we can help you prepare your plumbing, HVAC system, and sump pumps for any complications.
  • Spending too much on oil and gas? Even though Virginia winters are mild, you still want a heating system that evenly warms your home. We can ensure your furnace is working efficiently before the winter arrives.
  • Appliances actings up? Our team can also assist you with unique repairs in Falls Church such as in dishwashers, washing machines, and trash compactors.

Concerned it’s almost time to replace a major appliance? We help our local Falls Church customers make smart investments in their homes. We offer a free consultation that measures your specific home and makes recommendations based on your unique lifestyle and energy use.

Your Local Falls Church Experts in Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC

Whether we’re making a small repair or installing a new major appliance, we aim to build long-term relationships with our Falls Church customers. Not only will you get to know your home systems during your free consultation, but we also can help you understand your own heating, cooling, and plumbing.

This information empowers our customers to maintain and note important changes in their system so they know exactly when it’s time to give us a call. Peruse the following list of services available in your area to get started.

Office Location

ARS/Rescue Rooter Manassas
9070 Euclid Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110
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Falls Church Plumbing Service and Repair

Humid and rainy areas of the south need a dependable plumber nearby, especially when you live by the coast. We can assist with the most basic and common plumbing emergencies such as flooded basements or backed-up pipes. We also offer innovative options for the water-based appliances throughout your home such as your dishwasher, washing machine, or even the trash compactor.

Most importantly, we treat each of our local Falls Church clients as we would our own neighbors. When you call the ARS / Rescue Rooter Falls Church Plumbing repair team, we will work with your schedule to either pick a time that works around your schedule or come out for emergency repairs as soon as possible. No matter the size of your plumbing questions, we are here to lend an expert eye and caring hand.

Drain and Sewer Line Service in Falls Church

Drains and sewer lines naturally deteriorate and become clogged over time, but finding the exact spot of the clog can be a challenge. In Falls Church, the ARS / Rescue Rooter squad can use innovative techniques to find the cause of your pipe issues without excavating your lawn or causing great disruption to your home.

With the use of fiber-optic cameras and excavation-free sewer line repair, we can improve the overall state of your pipes without great interruption to your home or landscape. Whether a shower drain is clogged from hair and grease or a sewer line has been damaged by invasive tree roots, we have the knowledge and experience to repair your system with care and speed.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Falls Church

Did you know that no two water heater systems are the same? Different systems support different home designs, water usage, and energy efficiencies. At ARS / Rescue Rooter in Falls Church, we can help you get to the root of your water heater issues, and if necessary, help you find the best replacement for your home.

There are several main ways to detect an issue with your water heater early on. In many cases, you will most likely only require your system to be flushed out to remove sediment or one of the commonly worn-down water heater parts replaced.

Heating and Furnace Repair for Falls Church Residents

Your furnace may not be at the forefront of your mind in a warm southern state like Virginia. But the moment the colder season arrives, you’ll want your heating system in top shape to keep your space safe and warm.

ARS / Rescue Rooter in Falls Church offers heating system repairs and maintenance for both emergency calls and preventative maintenance. We will ensure:

  • Your burners, blower compartments, and filters are clean
  • Your wire connections are safe and tightened
  • Your ductwork is properly handling airflow throughout your home

Call our Falls Church office for emergency heating and furnace repair or an annual tuneup by calling us 24/7, 365 days a year.

AC Installation in Falls Church

If your current system battles with the Virginia summer heat, it may be time to upgrade your home air conditioning. Finding the right high-efficiency set up in your home can be the key to:

  • Lowering your utility bills
  • Avoiding costly repairs
  • Cooling your home more efficiently
  • Increasing your home value

In Falls Church, we use the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER) to choose a system proven to lower your bills and cool your home more thoroughly. We will offer several options for your home to match your budget, your family’s habits, and your home design.

AC Repair and Maintenance in Falls Church

No one should go a day without proper AC in the Virginia heat. If your home is not as cool as it should be, we provide Falls Church AC repair that can help your system run more efficiently. Before the hottest season of the year, we always recommend performing routine maintenance that can cut electricity costs and keep your home’s air clean and cool.

Reach out to our Falls Church AC maintenance team no matter the time of year to receive the following AC checks:

  • Filter cleaning and updates
  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Compressor and condenser checks
  • Evaporator coil checks and replacement
  • Refrigerant checks and updates
  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) checks

Heating System Installation in Falls Church

In today’s high-tech world, there’s no reason to settle for home systems that lead to high oil and gas bills or costly repairs. Speak with our Falls Church ARS / Rescue Rooter team during a free consultation to:

  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Lower utility bills
  • Balance your home temperature with smart home upgrades
  • Avoid cold spots or inconsistent heating
  • Receive more output with less fuel

We can also discuss specific filter options for your heating and HVAC system that can purify your home’s air from common allergens. Whichever program you choose, each system includes the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage ratings so you know your new system will impact your wallet and the environment.

Falls Church Home Insulation Services

If your home cooling system struggles in the southern summers, we can recommend ways to cool off your Falls Church home without a larger system. When properly designed, your attic can help regulate cool and warm to the living space of your home while supporting your heating and cooling appliances.

For example, we can add a thin layer known as a radiant barrier to the underside of your roof to keep the sun’s rays from overheating the air in your home. We can also install a range of vents and fans that work with the natural convection process in your attic.

Has your insulation not been updated since the home was built? Invite our Falls Church insulation experts to take a look and suggest upgrades for better controlling the balance of your home’s temperature.

Smart Home Upgrade in Falls Church

Smart home products have moved beyond phones and entertainment systems. You can now control your home’s temperature, keep an eye on its safety, and even detect leaks in your plumbing before the problem escalates.

Set up a free smart home consultation in Falls Church to choose the best smart home technology for your space. By partnering with Nest and Google Home, we can install and guide you on the following popular products:

  • Nest thermostats
  • Nest security cams
  • Nest smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors
  • LeakSmart leak detection
  • Google Home products

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ARS Falls Church Reviews

Jeremiah provides honest, professional and quality work. He is knowledgeable about the HVAC system and gave clear written instructions for the best ways to keep the system working at its best. Many Thanks ARS for sending the Best. Much appreciated.
Sharon J., April 2020
Kevin from ARS showed up precisely when planned to unclog my slow running (nearly stopped) kitchen drain. He quickly found the problem and identified another potential problem with the plumbing vents. He solved the drain problem with an effective but inexpensive solution. I would definitely call ARS out again if I need plumbing work.
Ross A., March 2020
I have always appreciated ARS's effort to get a specialist to my home as quickly as possible after I call. I also appreciate how their workers inform me of the lower-cost "good enough" option versus just assuming something needs wholesale change. Mike recently helped us with a plumbing job and I would ask for him again.
Finding Bruno, February 2020