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Three Reasons to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is easy to ignore until it is suddenly causing problems. Ideally, your water heater either holds the proper amount of pre-heated water or can create this constant supply of water to keep up with your daily needs. However, hot water heaters naturally deteriorate over time, and we typically recommend replacing your system every 10-20 years.

In many cases, installing a new system is simply not necessary or worth the cost. You may encounter a standard problem such as corroded anode rod or water heater lining which are easy to replace.

However, there are several scenarios when replacing your water heater is the best choice for keeping costs low and for serving your home and lifestyle. We’ll explore three instances when it’s best to replace your water heater and how a new system can upgrade your home.

1. You’re Running Out of Hot Water

The most obvious way to know something is up with your water heater is a lack of hot water—the very thing it is built to produce. There are many reasons why this may be occurring. For example, even if your current system is working to the best of its abilities, your hot water consumption may have changed since you had it installed.

For example, perhaps you have more people living in your house or kids that have grown into teenagers that take longer showers. Your water heater should be able to meet the needs of your family, and so a better system may be the answer.

In other scenarios, as we’ll discuss in more detail below, your water heater may no longer be able to keep up with basic production. When the repairs outweigh the cost of a new system, it’s time to consider other alternatives.

2. Your Utility Bills Are Rising

All of your home systems naturally lose their efficiency and performance levels over time, even with proper upkeep. Water heater insulation and efficiency standards have also vastly improved in the past decades, so you may have an older system that doesn’t match the current high-efficiency options available on the market. Even if the new system is in the higher price range, heaters with between an R-12 and R-25 insulation rating may save you money on your utility bills in the long run.

3. Repairs Are Becoming More Expensive

Like any appliance, eventually, the costs surpass the cost of a new system. Our ARS / Rescue Rooter experts can help you determine the best move for your wallet both upfront and in the long run. After about 10 years, your water heater could accumulate more costly issues than a new system.

Most importantly, we always recommend inviting a technician to make a complete assessment of your home to ensure that you’re choosing the best water heater for your lifestyle. Choose from the tank or tankless options as well as gas, electric, or even solar-powered systems. Determine the right size of your system to match your hot water usage and number of appliances.

Hot Water Heater Experts

Whether it’s time to replace your water heater or simply arrange a thorough tune-up, our team is here to advise you on the best move for your home. We can arrange seasonal preventative maintenance that includes:

  • Tank flushing
  • Pressure relief valve checks
  • Anode rod replacement
  • Lining replacement
  • Tank and wiring inspections

We understand that replacing a major system in your home like a water heater is a big decision. We are here to walk you through the process, choose the best system for your home, and streamline the quick-and-easy installation process.

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