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10 Simple Tips and Tricks to Winterize Your Home

As fall comes to a close and the final leaves are swept away, it’s time to get your home ready for the chilly months ahead. Winterizing your home can help you save on heating bills and make your springtime cleanup much easier. 

Taking certain steps can also help you avoid sudden issues with your most important home systems like your heating, plumbing, and HVAC installations. We’ve gathered up the most important steps for winterizing your home so you can relax and settle in for a long cozy few months.

1. Keep Out the Drafts

Seal up any trouble areas where cold air can creep in. Use winterizing kits to seal the edges of your windows and draft guards on the bottom of your doorways. If you find any additional trouble spots, fill them in with basic caulk to keep the cold air away.

2. Tune-Up Your Furnace

Invite an ARS / Rescue Rooter furnace repair specialist to take a look at your heating system before the temperatures drop. We can ensure that your system is working safely and efficiently after a long summer off.

3. Give Your Pipes Some TLC

Add necessary insulation to your pipes, especially exterior pipes prone to cold temperatures from the outdoors. We also recommend draining your hose and sprinkler system before the first freeze.

4. Flush Your Water Heater

Water heaters lose efficiency and can even break down without an occasional sediment flushing. If you’re not comfortable doing this one your own, call ARS / Rescue Rooter for a water heater maintenance visit.

5. Clean Out Your Gutters

Hoping to avoid those dangerous icicles this winter? Clean our your gutters after a season of falling leaves and branches to ensure that water can free flow down your gutters without forming ice on the way.

6. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Switch the direction of your ceiling fans so they run clockwise in the winter. This method pushes the warm air down toward the ground, which in turn helps you save money on your heating bills.

7. Update Your Batteries

Take a look at the batteries in your carbon monoxide and fire alarms. Though these devices are crucial year-round, they are particularly important in the winter when your heat turns on.

8. Replace Your HVAC Filters

Save money and improve the quality of your home air by taking this moment to replace your HVAC filters. Pollen and dust most likely accumulated throughout the summer and fall, so it’s important to start fresh when your furnace takes a turn.

9. Upgrade Your Insulation

Your attic insulation can significantly lower your heating bills when properly installed. Speak to a specialist at ARS / Rescue Rooter about our insulation and ventilation designs for controlling your home temperature. 

10. Install a Smart Home System

Programmable thermostats are key for keeping your energy use in check. Consider upgrading to a Nest Thermostat to set your heater at a specific level based on when you’re at home and even when you head to sleep.

Your home is built to handle difficult temperature changes, but it’s important to set it up for success if you want to save money and stay comfortable. Use this opportunity to check in with your heating system repair team at ARS / Rescue Rooter to make sure you’re checking all the boxes for a safe and healthy winter home.

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