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Tips for Choosing the Best HVAC System for Your Home

Whether you’re installing a new system from the ground up or it’s time to replace your old unit, choosing an HVAC system can seem like a daunting investment and process. At ARS / Rescue Rooter, we collaborate with each client to help them make the most informed decision for their budgets, home design, and lifestyle. 

We’ve rounded up the top tips and questions to consider when replacing or upgrading your home HVAC system. Above all else, we always recommend working with a team that will put your unique needs and preferences at the top of their priority list.

1. Consider Your HVAC Options

Though forced-air systems are the most traditional route, speak to our ARS / Rescue Rooter teams about the different HVAC designs that may better serve your home and lifestyle. For example:

  • Swamp coolers may be ideal for dry, hot climates when you’re looking to add natural and energy-efficient ways to cool your home
  • Ductless mini-splits and zoned systems are great options for older homes without ductwork or when you’re looking to individually control the temperatures of each room
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the earth’s temperature to balance your home’s comfort
  • Radiant systems utilize pipes to both add or absorb heat in the floors and walls of your space
  • Heat pumps are ideal for year-round hot climates that do not need a more extensive system

2. List What You Like (And Don’t Like) About Your Current System

Installing a new HVAC system is an opportunity to upgrade. What have you liked about your past setup? What could be better? Your ARS / Rescue Rooter expert can help you:

  • Purify your home’s air with the right filters
  • Better control the temperature in different parts of your home
  • Decrease your utility bills
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Increase or decrease the humidity in your space
  • Update your heating and cooling systems to avoid time-consuming upkeep

We can also suggest innovative smart home options to control your heating and cooling systems throughout the year. Use Google Home or Nest Thermostats to better control your home environment.

3. Look for Cost-Saving Opportunities

At ARS / Rescue Rooter, we aim to keep you in the know about the final cost of your installation, as well as innovative ways to save money both in the immediate and the long run. For example, in some areas, you can receive a federal tax credit for energy-efficient systems. While these systems may be more expensive at first, they often provide ways to save money over time. Several federal programs even offer rebates and discounts to encourage the purchase.

We can also outline the lifelong operational costs of your system as well as the cost of maintenance and standard repairs to expect in the next few years. Luckily, we have pre-arranged programs that can service your system to ensure you avoid costly repairs.

Ready to speak with your local ARS / Rescue Rooter HVAC installation team? We offer a free consultation and no-obligation estimate process that can help you make the best decision on your own time. Reach out today to begin the conversation and re-envision your home comfort.

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